3 Tips to Clean Your Home in Half the Time

How to speed up house cleaning? Well, if your cleaning lady too her day off and you got some guest coming but your home is a mess, and you need to tidy it up quick, we have some life saving tips to cover your back.

3 Tips to Clean Your Home in Half the Time

Organize Yourself

If you want to cut your cleaning time, you better have a system, it means cleaning in same order every time. You have to work one room at a time, start to finish at the same spot in a room so you don’t waste your time running back and forth.

To improve furthermore, you need consistency. You have to do the exact same thing every time you clean. Make a routine because repeating a routine will speed up things naturally. It’s better to organize yourself than being in a rush.

Clean it All

Don’t start the room by wiping the table, and blinds. Its because the dust from blinds will spread to the freshly cleaned coffee table. You need to start at top of doom such as dusting the ceiling fat and work your way down to floor.

The same goes for cleaning left to right, this will ensure you cover the whole room instead of going round here and there. Most people see something and clean, then they look for something else and clean, this way the dirt falls on what you just cleaned. If you work from top to bottom and left to right, you work once and clean the whole thing.

3 Tips to Clean Your Home in Half the Time 2

Get Proper Tools

You need proper tools and cleaning products at your reach to avoid wasting time. This is better than walking back and forth to cabinet under sink. Try wearing an apron or a tool belt and fill the pocket with necessities. It will help you save a lot of time.