4 Tips to Market a Newly Established Builders Business

If you are starting a builders business, you need to market yourself. You are running a self-employed business and you must be prepared to take any role needed. But when it comes to marketing, you need to refine yourself and improve your approach, let the following tips help you.

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4 Tips to Market a Newly Established Builders Business

Advertise on a Limited Budget

You don’t need to spend money on radio, newspaper or TV to make yourself big. Most print shops have ready cut door hangers. When you work in a neighborhood, you need to hang as many doors as you can People want to know what you are doing in their area and want to know how the construction goes. The door hanger will explain who you are and what you offer while providing your contact info.


When you are starting your builders business, you need to advertise yourself by networking with others. For this, you can go to church, city council meetings, service organization or clubs. Let people know that you belong to such groups so they will recommend you to others. You will need some budget to do this but it will pay off in long term.  You have to find groups and meet up with them.

Mobile Marketing

This is 2017 and you can’t overlook the importance of cellphone marketing. You have endless options like sms marketing, call etc. You need a website with an answer machine and voice mail. After three rings, the phone should ring to your cell. People won’t leave a message, they will refer to someone else. So make sure you answer even if you are already dealing with a client.

4 Tips to Market a Newly Established Builders Business 2

If your phone captures a number, call back asap. If you have a store front office, assure that the phone number is on your sign outside of building for people who are driving by.