Electrical Safety Tips for Your Well Beings

You can’t imagine your life without electricity, no jokes intended here. While it makes our life quite comfortable, it can put an end to it. Have you ever heard of the term electrocution? It kills more people than snakes every year. We are not trying to scare you off, just follow these electrical safety tips and you will be fine.

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Well Beings


Homes depend on electricity to provide us with light, food, heating, and almost everything. Many electrical accidents occur in main areas of concern. We are going to provide brief details below:

The Appliances

Our homes are filled with appliances, therefore we need to take electrical safety seriously. There are few precautions that helps to reduce electrocution risk, these precautions are:

  • Inspecting your appliances on a regular basis for faulty and damaged switches, cords and plugs assures your safety. You have to get them repaired or replaced instantly to avoid any mishap
  • If you throw the damaged parts, make sure they ant be used by anyone.
  • Before you clean an appliance, make sure its switched off and unplugged
  • If your hands are wet, don’t touch any appliance
  • You better turn off the oven, air conditioner, and heater before leaving your home
  • Devices like Computer and Televisions produce heat, make sure they have enough space for air to circulate
  • Don’t fold an electric blanket to store it, the wires will bend or break leaving the appliance useless


These help you connect the appliances to a power supply, therefore you have to treat them with care. Following are a few electrical safety tips that will keep you safe:

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Well Beings 2

  • Extension cords should be only used as a temporary solution. They should be placed around walls toa avoid tripping
  • Remove cord from the wall at plug because pulling the plug itself isn’t safe
  • Use extension cords outside which are rated for outdoor use. It makes sure the connection remains perfect during the bad weather