The Guide to Maintaining Your Home Appliances

Are you tired of the loop of getting your home appliances, and have them break again? What if the fault lies on your side? Well don’t worry, we are going to help you out! We are offering you a few tips for maintain your home appliances, and how to extend their shelf life.

The Guide to Maintaining Your Home Appliances


This is one of the home appliances that runs without a break. In case it stops working, the food is ruined. Well, you know how to clean the outside and inside of the refrigerator. But what about the coils and wire at the back/ Well you need to vacuum clean them because the dust build up affects the efficiency of your appliance.  You need to get the back of your fridge cleaned once in every year to make sure it keeps working.

Washing Machine

This is one of the most important home appliances in your home. The biggest nemesis of your washing machine is hard water and humidity. The hard water prompts calcium buildup which clogs inlet and outlet of your machine. For this, you better use the machine without detergent or cloths. Just clean it with water. Add a few cups of white vinegar and start a hot wash cycle. One important thing, make sure you don’t leave the washed cloths in washing machine for too long because molds develop in humid environment. If your washing machine causes too much problem, you better buy a new one.

The Guide to Maintaining Your Home Appliances 2

Climate Control

No need to get fancy here, we mean air conditioner by climate control. Just make sure you replace the air filter on time, before heat sets in and repeat this process before the next summer. If the filter is reusable, you better wash it every 3 months. This will extend the life of your appliance.