How To Prepare Your Automatic Garage Door For Winter?

If you have an automatic garage door, then it is necessary for you to prepare it for winters. Regular garage door maintenance and garage door troubleshooting will keep your door in a well-functioning condition. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow to prepare your door for winter.

Make sure the door is sealed

Go inside your garage and turn off the light to see if the light from the outside is coming inside or you notice gaps, then your door has got an issue. If the light comes in, heat can escape, so inspect the weather stripping around the door.

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If there are damaged strips, repair or replace them immediately by hiring local garage door repair service. Also, clean the weather stripping with a good cleaner.

Inspect your door from time to time

It is necessary to inspect your door once a year to spot the issues at the right time before they become severe. You can test the door yourself or by hiring a garage door troubleshooting service.

Make sure to check all the parts such as pulleys, hinges, tracks, locks, springs, and openers. If the openers are damaged, hire a garage door opener repair Morgan Hill service.

Lubricate all the moving parts

Cold weather can cause the rollers, springs, hinges, and tracks of the garage door to not perform perfectly.

So, you should lubricate all the moving parts by using an efficient oil-based lubricant. While lubricating the parts, clean the excess oil with a dry cloth and don’t drop the oil onto the floor.

Schedule a seasonal inspection with expert technicians

It is good to inspect the garage door yourself, but you must hire Garage Door Service San Jose twice a year to ensure your door is in a well-functioning condition.

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