Make a First Great Impression with these 6 Home Exterior Ideas

It’s called a “first impression” for a reason. You have only one chance to wow a potential buyer and if insights for 2022 are correct, it’s going to be an emotional ride. Buyers are still competing for houses and if you’re trying to get the most offers (and maybe even spark a bidding war), then there are a few ways you can make a great first impression.

Here are six ways you can focus on improving the exterior of your home and wow-ing buyers and real estate agents alike.


1. Invest in high-quality windows and doors

Replacing the windows and doors in your house isn’t going to be cheap, but it can improve your home’s energy efficiency and give your home a wow factor. Not only will buyers appreciate these upgrades, but they’ll also appreciate the savings the windows and doors can provide.

2. Upgrade patio furniture

You wouldn’t think that updating your patio furniture is going to make a difference because that’s not going to be staying when you move. Upgrading your outdoor furniture is more about creating an illusion that helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home.

3. Update exterior lighting

Updating the light fixtures by the front door, walkway lights, and other accent lights is a huge game-changer. The lighting improves the overall safety of the home, but it also shows off the exterior. Plus, when you install LED bulbs instead of the usual ones, buyers will appreciate that they don’t have to worry about replacing the bulbs for a long time!

4. Improve the landscaping

Your lawn may be mowed and your bushes may be trimmed, but there’s so much more you can do to improve your landscaping. You can plant native flowers along walkways and the porch. You can use a mulch to give your yard a polished look, and (depending on your budget), you could plant a few new trees.

You can consult a professional landscaper to get ideas of what they can do to improve your yard if you’re unsure of what would work.

5. Pressure wash the exterior of your home

Pressure washing videos are mesmerizing and seeing the project completely clean… Wow! Just imagine how different your home will look if you take the time to pressure wash the exterior of your house, the driveway, porch, and walkways.

6. Create a welcoming porch

Just like updating your patio furniture, creating a welcoming porch is more about creating an illusion than anything else. When someone walks up to your front door, people are going to take notice. You can update the house numbers and front lights. You can replace the front door (or repaint it if you’re on a tight budget). Small things like these can make a bigger impact than you’d think!

Improving your home’s wow factor is key to a successful sale

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to buying a house… First impressions speak volumes. If the exterior looks well kept and is welcoming, then buyers are going to anticipate what lies beyond the front door. If the exterior looks unkempt, overgrown, and in poor repair… Well, buyers aren’t going to be too keen on seeing much more.

If you want to secure a sale, then boosting your home’s curb appeal is always a great place to start.