How to Take Care of Roofing by Yourself?

Roofing is an easy job to get do by yourself, all you need is a few shortcuts to make sure you don’t compromise the quality of workmanship. However, you should mind the fact to keep safety always in check. With proper equipment, and supplies you can take care of the whole thing by yourself. Want to know how? Read the following!

Shingle All the Way

There are contractors who suggest that you should get new shingles on the old ones. This is because asphalt shingles can last up to 20 years. If you place multiple layer, it will take long for the roof to suffer issues. However, you shouldn’t put more than three layers of shingle on the roof. This is  saving shortcut when it comes to strip the roof to inspect for any damage.  Just make sure you investing in quality material for the roofing.

How to Take Care of Roofing by Yourself


You must have seen roofers who are equipped only with crowbar which they intend to use for stripping shingles off the roof. Well, we hate to break it to you but crowbars aren’t the best tools to strip roofing. it’s the Roofer spade, this tool is identical to snow shovel  but its fitted with teeth and has fulcrum underneath. This assists the prying up of shingles and nail. It makes the job quite easy as compared to a crowbar or simple shovel.

The Dumpster

Talking about stripping shingles, you can’t ignore the debris that will come. Do whatever you want, but you have to clean the space sooner or later. To make the job easy on you, you better rent a dumpster. This is way better than throwing loosened shingles and nails somewhere which leads to damage. Just call a local roofing company and ask them if they let you rent a dumpster or the roofing job.