Quick Fixes for General Furniture Repairing and Replacing

Furnishing is subject to repairing and replacing, and you have to deal with a lot of stress. With passage of time, it wears down and you have to maintain it. Proper maintenance extends the lifetime of your furniture so don’t mind investing a little money on it.  Following we are giving quick repairing and replacing ideas for general wears and tears.

Quick Fixes for General Furniture Repairing and Replacing

Don’t Lose Any Part

When you disassemble or assemble a piece of furniture, you better avoid the frustration of missing parts by keeping them in closable sandwich bag. Keeping small things in a bag will prevent you from losing them even if you leave them unattended.

Fixing a Hole

Drilling without measurement can lead to an extra hole. If it happens, don’t worry because we offer quick fix. Repairing and replacing a hole is very easy, all you have to do is mix some sawdust from table wood with glue and make a thick paste. Now fill the hole and scrape it properly. Lastly, sand and level it when the paste dries off.

Keep the Extra Parts

Sometimes you have to make a small repair means you have to drive tiny brands in the bookshelf. This will keep you from missing a nail or hitting wood or etc. You can stabilize a small nail to poke through piece of duct tape. The tape will hold it in place until you have driven the nail far to be steady enough. Once done, remove the tape and finish driving the nail.

Quick Fixes for General Furniture Repairing and Replacing 2

Cover the Mishaps

Holes in drawer knob have striped the screws don’t keep them in place. You can easily fix it by placing some toothpicks in holes of knobs and break’em off. Later on, you will need to tighten the screw and grab the toothpick wood, and hold it properly.