How to Ensure Adequate Basement Waterproofing?

Firstly, it is essential to prevent water from entering the environment. To achieve good basement waterproofing and for wet basement repair Erie PA, we can take several steps.

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  1. Change the drains

First, it is necessary to remove the drains with imperfections that do not allow a good removal of water to the outside and, at the same time, cause the entry of moisture into the basement. If a drainpipe is too short, water will not drain properly and will accumulate on walls and floors.

  1. Install gutters

Gutters must be properly installed so that they send rainwater away from the walls of the house (especially those in the basement). Where water drains, we must ensure that it flows freely and that no puddles form.

  1. Build shallow ditches

There are ditches called swales that are used in construction located on ascending slopes.

  1. Fix cracks and holes

The basement waterproofing will not be complete if we do not work inside the house. So make sure there are no cracks or holes for water to pass through. If necessary, move the furniture around and pay close attention to every inch.

Once the cracks have been identified, the next step is to seal them with epoxy resin and latex cement. This waterproof formula prevents moisture from entering the basement.

  1. Apply sodium silicate sealer

The basement waterproofing must be perfect, both on the walls and on the floor. A good material is sodium silicate, which produces a solid structure, fills cracks and cover pores that are not visible.

If we have a basement made of bricks or blocks, the presence of moisture can have different origins and reasons. Water deposits sediment on the walls and, therefore, they degrade, in many cases, quickly. To solve this problem, the inner face of the walls must be coated with a special waterproofing that resists water and its salts or particles.