3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Doesn’t Work in Winter

It pays off to learn how your garage door works so you can take care of minor upkeeps every now and then, you don’t need to call a Garage Door Repair service every time a nut gets lose. Instead learn the basics yourself.

If your garage door doesn’t work in winters, you should check for the following issues before calling the pros.

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  • Broken Spring

In most cases, springs are more likely to break with drop in temperature. If your garage door isn’t opening in winder, you better call a Garage Door Spring Repair North Hollywood. Using a garage door with broken spring is a risk as it can lead to further damage.

It can compromise other door parts, and your overall well-being. The spring is an important part of your garage door, and you have to assure it works properly at all times.

  • Vacation Lock

Is your vacation lock working properly? It can be the reasons why your garage door isn’t opening. In most cases, the vacation lock is installed on wall console. The switch acts as an extra security measures, and prevents every electric operation once you close the door.

You should only use this button when you are away from the door. So if your door isn’t working, you better check this switch whether it’s on or off before calling in Garage Door Repair Services.

  • Misaligned Sensors

One of the reasons why your garage door isn’t working in winter is that sensors are out of place, and they need to be realigned. Yes, change in temperate can misalign garage door sensors. Eve an a slight trash can bump does this.

Don’t panic, and before you decide to hire professional help, you better get in and check whether the sensors are properly aligned or not. Doing this can save you a lot of money.