Clever Home Improvement Hacks to Improve Your Life

Want instant Home Improvement? Guess what? You don’t need to spend all of your savings to improve your dwelling, you can easily improve your daily life with some clever hacks. Don’t believe us, take your time to read the following tricks, they will sure make a difference in your daily life.

Clever Home Improvement Hacks to Improve Your Life

Tennis Ball

You better hang a tennis ball from garage ceiling to see where you should park exactly. This way, you won’t hit the wall or shelve. There are some high tech versions, but they will cost you good money. This is the cheapest version, and simple.

Fur Filter

Are you afraid that your dog’s fur will clog your drain when you wash them? Well, keep the fur out of drain with the help of mesh type scrubbing pad. When you shower the dog, clip the pad to drain plate with a bobby pin. If you are using a bathtub, then wedge two pads under stopper from two sides. The pads will catch fur without blocking the water flow. This is a costing saving Home Improvement hack that will save your skin in the long run.

See Through Junk Bags

You don’t need the mishmash with nails and wire connectors, a four liter reusable bag will suffice. This proves to be the better options as you can easily see through each side of the bag, and you don’t need to dump the whole thing on countertop. Let’s not forget, it’s a bit neat as compared to the conventional solution.

Clever Home Improvement Hacks to Improve Your Life 2

Easy Release Price Sticker

Heat from hair dryer softens adhesive, this makes bumper stickers, price tags and other labels very easy to pull off. Now you won’t leave any sticky residue behind you. You have to start from one corner, and slowly pull the whole thing away. Let the heat do your work.