Tips to Secure Your Apartment

Do you live in an apartment? Well just because you have a wall attached to another one, and you lack a yard, you are not perfectly safe. You still need to improve your home security to make sure you really challenge a burglar trying to break into your home, below we are getting you started!

Tips to Secure Your Apartment

Deadbolt and Peephole

Before you pay, make sure the apartment has a deadbolt and peephole on all exterior door. This is a great home security strategy. If your apartment doesn’t have one or both, you better have them installed. You need to check the leasing office to make sure the locks are changed before you moved in.

Deadbolt is our first defense against home intrusion. Without this, the door is very easy to break. The peephole lets you see who the deadbolt open is at the front door before you open and welcome someone in your apartment.

Install Blinds

As you are side by side with others, you are always facing a burglary threat because anyone can easily walk along outside your home. So when you are outside, you need to close your blinds. This way no one can look inside your apartment and look for anything valuable to steal. Also, close them at night so people don’t snoop in. This is a major red flag for intruders.

Tips to Secure Your Apartment 2

Renter Insurance

If you don’t own the place, and you pay rent then you must have a renter’s insurance. If everything fails and you have break in, you least have a way to cover it. If you lost something really expensive, you will have it covered. It’s important because your landlord has one and that one covers for the building instead of belongings. Renter insurance is affordable if you get a home security system along it to protect your home.