3 Simple Home Security Hacks

Are you looking to improve your home security? We are going to discuss a few strategies that will make your home safe from intrusions. These tips wont ask you to install an expensive security system, instead it suggests a few precautions you need to make yourself safe. Just follow these basic rules and you will better on your own.

3 Simple Home Security Hacks

The Hideouts

You better not provide the thieves any areas to hide. You have to trim trees and bushes that may act as a hiding place. For the sake of home security, leave the outdoor lights home because darkness allows access to thieves. You better have motion sensors installed because they are your best defense against everyone who wants to break into your home.

Keep the Yard Clean

You need to make sure the yard is lit and clean. Make sure there isn’t anything on it to give thieves access to your home. Thieves can use anything in the yard to breakthrough window. Therefore you need to clean up the yard and make sure there aren’t any tree limbs, stones, or tools. A thief can even use a ladder to access higher ground which mostly happens to be unlocked.  You need to use precaution and lock all garden tools away as they can be used against you.

3 Simple Home Security Hacks 2

Protect Windows

We are not going to say you should barricade them. But if you are investing on these you better make them shatterproof. This will keep anyone from breaking into your home. If you cant afford new ones, then you should add a security film in your windows. This will slow down the thieves as the glass wont break right away from being smashed.  This will buy you the crucial time to call for help as it slows down the intruder.