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Panther Pest Control London proudly serves the London area with all their pest control and extermination needs. We focus on minimal chemical treatment instead of chemical invasion. Using our unique process of pest control we can use the absolute minimum amount of chemicals, if any, to solve your problems. By focusing on eliminating the problem as opposed to treating the symptoms, we bring our clients complete satisfaction, instead of repeat infestation!

Pest Control London

Panther Pest Control offers exterminating and pest control solutions to families as well as businesses. To make our “minimal chemical” approach work, we employ a great many common sense techniques. We recognize that each situation may require special attention, whether it is protecting your child’s school or special care in the produce department. Our qualified staff will deliver the most effective and least obtrusive pest control.

About Us

Panther Pest Control has been serving the London area for over 10 years. However, our expertise didn’t start 10 years ago. Our founder, Kennedy Brayboy, worked for years with a national extermination company. Although very successful, he saw too many instances when the best solution was avoided for the most profitable. Furthermore, he realized that every region of the country has unique pest problems that need to be addressed with their own solutions. But the larger, national companies seemed to have the “one size fits all” mentality. While their chemical invasion techniques worked on a regular basis, they often only treated the visible pest and left the true problem alone. It was from his insight that he decided to create a company focused on the customer, not the company.

Mr. Brayboy felt that by serving the needs of his clients over profit that, eventually, his local, non-invasive solutions would become strong enough to compete with the larger companies. He was right. Today, Panther Pest Control is a common name among many of the commercial stores throughout Monroe County. Many of the places you buy your groceries turn to Panther Pest Control when the need arises. After all, would you prefer to see some man in a space suit spraying chemicals in the bakery of your favorite store or to ensure the need doesn’t arrive by stopping pests at the source of the problem? Even our local paper turned to our founder when they wanted to learn more about the destructive forces of our local carpenter ants.


Let us make your home the security blanket is should be. You’ll be happy you did.

Panther Pest Control knows how important it is to you for your home to be an environment that is not violated by toxic materials and is also pest free.

Since insects and pests find all spots to live and breed in the home, Panther Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your home before treatment to ensure that all possible areas where pests can hide are found. You can feel confident that Panther Pest Control uses very minimal chemicals in your home to make the process comfortable for you and your family. We use only environmentally friendly products that ensure your family’s safety. Let us show you the difference of a locally owned company…we care!

We offer homeowners the comfort and security of knowing that they have hired locally owned pest control experts that have a very vested interest because we live in this community.


Fresh Air Pest Control cares about your business. We know that it is important to maintain a clean, pest free environment for your customers to feel comfortable in. Your customers need to know that you keep the products they buy from you sanitary and uncontaminated. We work with all kinds of businesses in the healthcare, retail, grocery, hospitality, food services, property management, and other small businesses to ensure that our community is a clean, pest free place to work.

We know how to take care of any problem that occurs.

Whatever your business may be, Panther Pest Control will work with you to create a solution that best suits your needs.

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