How to Get Rid of Starlings?

Invading species of passerines, starlings are not only destructive to property, but also a nuisance. They come from Europe and Asia and prefer to live in flocks. In winter, they leave their feeding grounds to roost in communal areas. They can become very aggressive and fight over bird feeder scraps, making them a common problem. If you want to know how to get rid of these pesky birds, then read on!


Starlings are a nuisance for homeowners and can be a nuisance if you don’t know how to get rid of them. These birds can cause damage to plants and can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets. Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of these pest birds.

how to keep starlings away? One of the most common methods of getting rid of starlings is to make them uncomfortable by removing their food. They love food and water, so you can use sticky glue to discourage them. Aside from that, you can also place scarecrows and other visual distractions around your yard. For instance, you can place a hologram on the top of your house to keep starlings away.

You can also install spikes to discourage starlings from landing. These traps are effective in deterring these birds from landing on your property. They are non-lethal, but they cause discomfort to the birds and prevent them from returning. For large areas, try placing a fence or a mesh around your house. Indoor traps can also be effective. If the starlings are in your backyard, you can put up an electric fence in your garden.

If you have a bird colony, halt feeding supplemental food and stop giving them sunflower chips. Instead, switch to suet that contains crack nuts, grains, shelled seeds, or other foods that starlings find disgusting. Starlings are very persistent and can even destroy your bird feeders. If you want to get rid of starlings, you have to take preventative measures. For example, you can keep starlings from damaging your property by keeping bird feeders out of the reach of starlings.

Insects are also important reason to attract starlings. If there are termites, spiders and other insects in your house, starlings will like to visit your house. So you need to keep your home clear and eliminate all kinds of insects as soon as possible.

If you can’t eradicate pest birds, please contact professional pest management companies. They have several methods for preventing these creatures from moving in and destroying your property. They will also work with you to determine the best method for your home.