All You Need To Know About Ballet Barres

Are you a ballet dancer or are you a beginner ballet dancer? If so, the thing you need to buy along with your outfit and shoes is a portable ballet barre. Dance is a form of art and expression. It allows the dancer to explore and express oneself freely in the truest form. To become a successful ballet dancer, a certain level of perfection is required. Practice makes perfect so, get yourself ready and equipped with all the necessary accessories including a ballet barre today. You can find details on how to buy a portable ballet barre here at

All You Need To Know About Ballet Barres

What is a portable ballet barre? 

Let us understand the equipment first. The simple translation of a barre is a handrail. A ballet barre is usually wall mounted in front of a mirror and you might have seen it in dance and ballet academies or dance schools. A portable ballet barre is just what it sounds like- a ballet barre that you can easily carry around. Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not. A lot of ballet dancers have a portable ballet barre. 

What are portable ballet barres made of?

Portable ballet barres are becoming a rage these days and almost every ballet dancer has one. You might think that it is impossible to carry around a rod or handrail. But portable ballet barres are made of lightweight metal, are foldable and easy to set up, and can be carried around, wherever you need to. If you want to set it up in different places in your home or dance school or if you are traveling, you can take it with you at ease. A lot of ballet dancers use portable ballet barres when they travel to perform as a wall-mounted ballet barre is not guaranteed at all places. Also, the wall-mounted barre can be crowded, and instead of waiting around, you can set up your portable barre and start practicing. Your convenience, practice sessions, and posture will improve immensely if you use a portable ballet barre. 

Why do you need a portable ballet barre?

Handrails or ballet barres are used to practice warm-up exercises, strengthen arm and leg muscles, practice couple dance forms, and to work on throwing up the leg high and ankle movements. As you can see, a handrail or a barre is possibly the most important accessory you need after your ballet shoes, to achieve that perfection in your dance moves. A partner might not always be available to practice couple moves with. So, the ballet barre can act as support for practicing couple moves. The stand is adjustable in height and width wise and you can arrange it accordingly. 

Why are warm-up moves important?

A ballet dancer knows the importance of warm-up exercises. If you are preparing for a run, a workout session at the gym, or if you’re preparing for a dance routine or practice, a warm-up set of exercises is absolutely important. You need to prepare your body to get ready for the upcoming vigorous exercises or activity, without warm-up exercises, your body won’t be able to handle such sudden s=urge in movements and activities and cause tiredness, muscle fatigue, and other complications. So, hydrate yourself and start with your warm-up exercises before doing anything else. 

Warm-up exercises with a portable barre

A portable barre is used for most warm-up exercises when it comes to solo or couple or group ballet dancing sessions. Here you can use the rail to hold and practice your throw leg moves or your ankle rotations and even work on your couple moves by adjusting the length and height accordingly. 

Final wrap up

So, no matter what level you are at with your ballet learning, getting a portable ballet barre is very important. It will help you get perfectly ready for a professional level ballet dancing as well. Even if you do ballet as a hobby or a fun activity, a barre is a must. All dancers can only achieve perfect poise and grace with the right amount of practice and the barre can help a lot in this. Buy your portable ballet barre from reputed sources and make sure that the material is lightweight and easy to assemble. They also come in various colors so that’s yet another plus point.