Any business that gives you a job in Dubai must provide accommodation by law. This can take the form of housing employment offers, or your monthly salary may include a specified sum to cover the cost of renting or even purchasing accommodation in Dubai or some other part of the United Arab Emirates, appropriate to your needs. If you can afford to buy a property, which can provide more privileges to you, then look for Port De La Mer apartments for sale.

It should not prove to be a major obstacle to find a place to live and meet the upfront costs of a lease on an apartment or a villa if you are practical about searching for something you can afford to purchase.


While Dubai is mostly known for its luxurious lifestyle, it tends to offer affordable living solutions as well. If you are about to venture on a house hunt in Dubai, take the following tips into consideration.


It depends on your monthly income and situation, and the expectations for the specifications you are willing to have. Do you have a partner, for instance, who can also work and raise extra money, or are you going to be the only provider?

The direct advice to the newcomer would be that during your first year in Dubai, take precautionary measures when it comes to your finances. Make sure to save where you can. For instance, if you decide to rent, allocate no more than 20% of household income to the rent budget, no matter what the personal circumstances.

Avoid searching for places that exceed your overall monthly budget. When you contribute only a percentage of your overall income, you can save money for additional expenses and hidden costs.  On the contrary, if you rent a house that is outside of your budget, you may not have enough to cover these costs.


Before you even arrive in Dubai, or before you’ve even discussed a salary with your boss, or accepted a bid, you can actually do some useful research. For the Dubai housing market, the one-stop-shop is Fam Properties. This connection will take you to the apartments for rent straight away.

With these digital platforms, you can add filters to find properties that are within your budget. Additionally, you can also look for properties for rent, for sale, and find the best deals that are within your monthly budget. The good news is that there seems to be a good range of apartments in decent areas available in the target budget range of AED 60K per annum. You can research your options to find the best rental property for yourself.

So you looked at a budget range and noticed that certain apartments are classified as “commission-free.” What does this mean? You will go through a licensed real estate agency in virtually all instances of negotiating a rental deal, which ensures that the agent who shows you a variety of properties and ultimately arranges the contract for you hopes to be paid for this service.

This usually amounts to 5 per cent of the annual rent, plus a 5 per cent (refundable) security deposit would also be taken by the agent, so expect the agent to pay AED 6000 as a security deposit for an AED 60K apartment.

Then there is water and electricity. You need to create a Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) account. Using paperwork, the rental agent can tell you what you need to have.

Hundreds of people visit Dubai almost every year, they need to rent out some property to make their living in the city. Though, the employer must accommodate you somehow before confirming your position. However, if you are migrating to the city to find a job, then you need to find accommodation yourself. If you can afford to buy the property then you consider yourself lucky.

With that said, if you wish to bask in all the luxuries that Dubai has to offer, then you must check the variety of District One Dubai Villas for sale, they are available at a very reasonable price while offering extreme opulence.