How to Select the Right Garage Door for Your Home

If you want to replace your garage door, there is a lot of information to take into account.

The garage door is the largest-single moving object in most houses, and garage doors are considered entry points with major security implications for households. Thus, there are many things that homeowners can consider when they are planning garage door replacement Chesapeake.


There are a few garage door types, each suited for different purposes. For example, garage doors built to withstand heavy use and apply heavy pressure are not ideal for garage doors that need to be decorative.

A garage door’s type can affect its durability as well as how much noise it makes as the garage door opens and closes. In this guide, you will learn about the different types of garage doors so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to replace your garage door.

Sectional Garage Door

The first type of garage door is the sectional garage door. This type of garage door is made up of several panels that fold together along a track when the door is opened. Sectional garage doors are generally the cheapest and most common type of garage door. They are also relatively easy to install, which can make them a good option for homeowners who are doing the installation themselves.

One downside to sectional garage doors is that they can be less energy-efficient than other types of garage doors, as they often have more moving parts. Additionally, these types of garage doors can be difficult to repair or replace if they are damaged.

Tilt-Up Garage Door

Another common type of garage door is the tilt-up garage door. This type of garage door has several panels that fold along the top edge when it opens. These types of doors are relatively easy to install, because their light weight makes them easier for one person to handle alone during installation. Tilt-up garage doors are also good insulators against heat and cold, which can improve energy efficiency in a home. Additionally, these types of garage doors tend to be pretty sturdy.

Despite these benefits, there are some disadvantages associated with this type of garage door. One major drawback is that this style does not look particularly attractive on many homes because its appearance is somewhat industrial compared with other types of garage doors.

Roll-Up Garage Door

A third type of garage door that you might consider is the roll-up garage door. This type of garage door is made up of a single panel that rolls up along a track when the door is opened. This type of garage door is generally the most expensive and the most difficult to install.

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