Our Garage Door Started Making Noise – Here’s What I Learned Fixing It Myself

I first noticed it a few weeks ago – an intermittent squeaking noise coming from our garage door. At first it seemed minor, but the sound was starting to get more frequent. As someone who likes to fix things myself when possible, I decided to investigate before calling in a professional.

Loose Hardware

Upon inspection, the first thing I noticed was that some of the hardware holding the tracks in place was loose. One bolt had backing almost all the way out. No wonder the door was making noise. I tightened everything up using an adjustable wrench. The squeak improved but didn’t go away completely.

Worn Rollers

Next, I checked the rollers that ride along the tracks. Many were quite worn down – no wonder they were squeaking. Roller replacement is actually a pretty simple job. I ordered new nylon rollers online for about $15. Swapping them out only took about 15 minutes per side. What a difference – the rolling noise was greatly reduced.

Greasing Moving Parts

While I had everything apart, I took the time to grease any moving metal on metal contacts. This included applying white lithium grease to the springs, rollers, hinges and other pivot points. A little lubrication goes a long way in eliminating squeaks and extending part life. The garage door was moving much smoother already.

Checking the Garage Door Repair in Short Pump

At this point, most of the squeak was gone but a small noise remained. I decided to get some advice from the experts at Garage Door Repair in Short Pump. They suggested also checking the door balance and spring tension. Sure enough, one of my springs seemed a bit loose. With their guidance over the phone, I was able to safely adjust the spring tension to properly counterbalance the door weight. No more squeak.

Know When To Call In The Pros

By taking the time to properly inspect, tighten, replace and lubricate worn parts myself, I was able to resolve the squeaking issue without a service call. Basic maintenance and repair really can extend the life of a garage door. That said, I feel much better knowing I have a local pro like Garage Door Repair in Short Pump to call if any major issues arise down the line that require their expertise. Sometimes leaving complicated or dangerous repairs to the professionals is the smart move.

So in summary – don’t live with bothersome garage door noises. Taking a closer look and addressing simple issues yourself can often fix problems for just a fraction of the cost. Just be sure not to take on anything too involved or pose safety risks. And always good to have a trusted local pro on speed dial just in case.