The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in the Bellevue area, you likely have plenty of questions about the process. Bellevue kitchen remodel can be complex, with many factors to consider from start to finish. By understanding the full scope, you can set your project up for success.

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Determine Your Budget

The very first step is deciding your budget. Bellevue kitchen remodels vary greatly in cost depending on the size of your space, the materials and appliances you select, and the extent of the renovations. Come up with a realistic number by researching average costs per square foot in your area. Build in a 10-20% cushion for unexpected expenses.

Remember, less expensive choices like laminate counters may save money upfront, but they won’t have the same resale value or durability as upgrades like granite or quartz. Focus your dollars on essential elements like good layout, storage, lighting and key appliances rather than going overboard on expensive finishes just for luxury appeal.

Plan Your Layout                                                          

Your kitchen layout impacts function and flow. An experienced kitchen designer can help optimize the space. Think about:

  • Removing walls to open the space
  • Improving traffic flow
  • Allowing room around appliances for prep and storage
  • Adding islands, countertops and cabinets

A great layout allows multiple cooks to work simultaneously with ease. Pay special attention to the “work triangle” between your sink, stove and refrigerator. The most efficient kitchens have triangles where each leg is 4 to 9 feet long.

Choose Materials

When selecting materials, durability and ease of cleaning are top priorities in high-traffic kitchens.

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Solid surface (like Corian)
  • Laminate
  • Butcher block
  • Concrete

For cabinets, opt for durable wood species or moisture-resistant painted finishes. Evaluate hardware upgrades like soft-closing hinges. Discuss porcelain, stone and vinyl plank flooring options with your Bellevue contractor.

Select Appliances

Appliances account for about 10–15% of total kitchen remodel costs. Prioritize what functionality matters most:

  • Smart tech features
  • Energy efficiency
  • Overall capacity
  • Built-in designs

If budgets allow, treat yourself to that luxury appliance you’ve always wanted, like a pro gas range.

Improve Lighting Design

With poor lighting, even gorgeous kitchens feel dark and gloomy. Include layers of light for maximum brightness:

  • Ambient ceiling lights ensure overall illumination.
  • Task lighting highlights work areas like islands, stoves and sinks.
  • Decorative fixtures over dining tables provide focal accent lighting.

Don’t underestimate natural light’s impact and appeal either. Adding more windows or enlarging existing ones can make your kitchen shine.

Focus on Storage

No kitchen ever has enough storage space. Address storage needs through:

  • Maximizing cabinet, pantry and drawer capacity.
  • Designating specific spaces for small appliances so they aren’t cluttering countertops
  • Strategically incorporating racks, pegs and shelves for utensils and frequently used items.

Remember, cabinets should utilize all vertical space from floor to ceiling. Carefully plan depths and heights around unique cookware necessities.

Hire the Right Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Even the best kitchen remodel designs fall flat without quality construction from a reputable contractor. Meet with 3-4 candidates before deciding on your Bellevue kitchen remodel company. Ask critical questions about:

  • Years in business and kitchen remodeling experience
  • Types of training technicians have achieved
  • Steps in their kitchen remodel process
  • How they communicate with homeowners
  • If they carry all necessary licenses and insurance coverage
  • What warranty protections they provide

Vet a few recent customer references too. Essentially, your ideal contractor should instill confidence from start to finish on delivering your dream kitchen on schedule and on budget.